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tv   [untitled]    December 10, 2012 3:30pm-4:00pm EST

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they have a very good sense of well i will have to keep an aisle when there are no anger before them and. so we won't go yes we shall be very quiet. and quiet we went but the wind was not on our side and the bear got away they're usually the first to avoid contact with humans but during spawning time when both people and bears go fishing people often shoot at them to scare them away and every year here in the region you hear about someone being killed by the predators but at the mugger down nature reserve where we are no one disturbs the bears peanuts another local resident to haiti's peace being disturbed here is the howlers sea eagle in has a wingspan of two and a half meters ignace only here in russia far east because of the bundles of salmon
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and seagulls which feed the giant bird in his studies if gainey focuses on birds so he took me to one of his favorite places here mara island it has the biggest colony of seagulls in the region and the climb up was tough. but the prize was worth it. if there was no city or to hear it with no reason to doubt you'll have tons of people coming here not just to get some for only on the beach here nothing is guaranteed you have to struggle to get a piece of bread there is nothing really all you can. predict you have to rely on yourself and what you bucks for is a bear so we're going to have to be put back well. maybe for the wildlife here is the lack of visitors is for the better but when you stand on top of phenomenal and like this you just can't help wanting to share the beauty.
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that welcome to businesses whilst it is ditching the key it's a protocol a global agreement to reduce carbon emissions the country which has strived to be an active player on the emissions market will not be bound by obligations to diminish greenhouse gases in the second phase of the protocol which starts next gen now for more on little bit we're going to be joined by to be on the nice escalates a bit so to me why is russia doing this that well because basically the kyoto protocol has not worked the way it was initially planned as circular this china and the united states i'll give you some of the biggest polluters in the world actually
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no argument they are the biggest loser in the world they've never ratified this character kyoto protocol treaty and therefore the biggest polluters did not take any obligations on them so the only countries which did assume these obligations to reduce greenhouse gas emissions they count for just fifteen percent of the global greenhouse gas emissions so i mean it's a very ambitious project but it wasn't working the way it intended to there was a very minor goal to reduce by around five percent the emission levels that we've seen in one nine hundred ninety that was by the end of this year next year is the beginning of the new eight year phase and the aim there is around twenty percent so russia just decided that it wouldn't participate in this just because it's a lot of. red tape a lot of paperwork and no real results but as far as russia is concerned on a financial level then will they not be losing out by not selling quite and say
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well you'd think first that they would because russia became the second most important actually seller of carbon emission quotas now let me just explain how that works there's basically a markets there's a target as i mentioned of five percent below nine hundred ninety s. and developed countries must reach this target if they do not they have to purchase quotas for pollution from countries which actually over shots this target in russia was one of them so basically in the end you had a market which had a lot of supplies because developing nations could also participate by selling their quotas and basically just won the big buyer that's the e.u. so we have seen last year actually this year two thousand and twelve prices for admission quotas going down eighty eight percent because there's also a crisis in the e.u. so russia managed to just make around four hundred fifty million euros by selling
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these quotas when it could have made thirty billion so it's actually making very little money and next year all of the unused quotes as we'll have basically burned off just two percent will be left over itself so what happens now in the world. well if there is no other organization now turning to the kyoto protocol developed then then i guess yes but russia's ministry of environment protection has actually said that is suggesting its own treaty with an ambitious goal of around twenty percent less carbon emissions to one thousand one hundred but it's actually being quite cheeky here because russia was already complying with these targets well most other countries in the world. for russia will be the only game in here but we've also talked to be on long bird is a professor at copenhagen business school and he says basically these kind of
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organisations like the kyoto protocol just won't work. fundamentally we ask nations to implement policies that are costly for them now well we've had very tiny an impact on your views down below there are always going to be a very very hard sell and so what we've really seen people doing is cheerleading for claiming also sort of not really happening or most we've been exporting all their energy intensive industries to china and other places that are not included if you go over the stile approaches we're never going to succeed what we need to do is to focus on technology. so they go you need real action you just need to be replacing solar panels you need to be moving away from coal and to natural gas and that's the way to save nature otherwise you're spending a lot of money and even one hundred years down the line there will be very little fact absolutely i think at the moment to me it's all about priorities as well we're in the midst of an economic crisis i think green love isn't always top of the list
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sadly that's right and even if the united states and china actually did join the kyoto protocol they would be ending up spending so much money that it would create an economic disaster not just for them but for the rest of the world to write and nobody wants out of course ok to meet you thank you very much indeed for that. is check out the markets and u.s. stocks they are still managing to gain us as economic data in china beat estimates and investors watch the latest developments in the american budget talks that european stocks fell from an eighteen month high and this is bonds as well took a bit of a bit saying are concerns that a leadership change in italy will just rocked efforts to curb the debts of the italian prime minister mario monti said he had lost support aliquid the markets did manage to get some momentum in the last hour or so that. the euro there's has a rather tumultuous day managing to gain
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a fraction there that's over the mystical situation in this. seems to be demonstrating resilience that news meanwhile here in moscow the russian ruble finished the day lower actually higher against the u.s. dollar a year you can see just that. the russian action market started the week gains a notch for the r.t.s. around four tenths of a cent for the my six largely down to oil prices gaining in the session always a big boost for investors here free energy dependent. next time you order for your favorite restaurant the waiter may stir your insight if pigs could fly because unless they sprout wings they may not have any way of making it over to russia from america russian health regulations have announced an import ban all meat from the u.s. lindsey france has the details. this new regulation would require the testing of a residue of a drug called rest so for me now this drug is put into animal feed in the united
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states to cause the animal to gain lead muscle mass as opposed to fatty tissue the regulation goes into force immediately now at this point russian officials will be doing the testing of any meat that arrives now formers are calling this fear mongering spreading fear about this additive among the public but officials completely disagree on this side of things that the united states department of agriculture says rest stop would mean is safe and the u.s.d.a. currently does no testing of its own just to give you an idea of how much money is at stake here for the united states according to the u.s. meets export federation more than two hundred ten shipping containers filled with beef and pork valued at about twenty million dollars is currently on its way to russia and is going to be tested the united states in total exports about five hundred million dollars of meat every year to this country to comply with this rule
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and to not lose out on tens of millions of dollars at the very least the united states has got to put into place their own testing. the news for now all the business news and in a few minutes lottie's to boston talks to one of ages main opposition leaders who says president morsi is regime scientists to sell the nation's hopes for change. sometimes you see a story. you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear sees some other part of it and realize everything is. welcome to the big picture.
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dot com. nearly two here is off to the revolution that shocked the world and removed hosni mubarak from his long tenure at the head of egypt the egyptian revolution is going through some strange times perhaps some would say some dark times. with us to discuss this is not other than. a presidential candidate himself and a former secretary general of the arab league and some of the thank you very much for joining thank you for coming so here we are close to tahrir square where it seems like we are atmosphere of revolution is once more in the air is that a sign of success or perhaps a failure it cannot be a sign of success except in one meaning that people are coming together to
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express their views. concerning the constitutional declaration that the majority. oppose. and therefore this is a sign of success that which is the freedom of expression the freedom of assembly. and conveying their views freely and this is something that leak have to count as a very positive result of the revolution of the twenty fifth of january two thousand and eleven that's number one number two be the situation in egypt generally is tense because of the fact that nothing has really changed the change that we wanted that people hoped for dealing with the services education the health care and the rest of the files pertaining to the life of
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egyptians have not really produced anything new where did the revolution go wrong. when. i don't really think that the revolution has gone wrong but their revolution as such as the one we do have here in egypt takes time. two really bad two so you can say that this is the fruits of that evolution to take time but first of all we have a civilian rule. and you were the public and elected president the parliamentary elections are coming up. those are positive points but on the other side there are things that people do not accept that people want egypt to follow to look to the future to link up with the world to deal with our problems
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that are suitable they are not impossible. problems so why should the state put them one point that will move. this is the thing that we are calling on the president on the new book on the to do and on our sense that we have to move on we have not but i believe that he's convinced of what he is doing and here we differ with him we believe that this was an stick this is a major worry to a lot of egyptians a fear of as one person i spoke to put it a large increase in political violence on the horizon do you think that that's a real worry when this is a worry but i don't think that we would reach that level and that don't hope but certainly in my analysis i don't think that we are heading. to have a civil war or something of that kind but confrontation and they're very angry people so the point is that now we are coming together we are sitting
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together we are trying to coordinate and look who is coming when all the liberal forces and the other political forces like leftist forces evolutionary forces and so on coptic christians and coptic christians in there as it was clear in that position taken in the constitutional assembly and their withdrawal together with us and others we all would do it together coptic christians and women i've spoken to some representatives of those communities though they are especially worried about this constitution and do they have a good reason to be scared well that the constitution would have been better picking the winner. women's role women's rights into real cause very free and clear. at positions. of articles dealing with that which has been the case yes indeed they have reason to
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worry for mercy himself for the muslim brotherhood which is the more important word the islamist part or the political part well i think that. their commitment to the. their islamic a lot of it is much stronger the moderates that would really and the society define itself but at the same time would not be curtailed in its activities in its development by restrictions that come out of based on a very strict interpretation of islam after electing a president and now. and discussing a constitution. no man has ation should have taken place and really get to business and was the business. fifty percent of the country.
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is lives in poverty the illiteracy the. unemployment the other problems that have not been addressed until this moment this is the point that one many of us as citizens those liberals as nationalists believe that we are losing time. losing time and it seems one of the things that's standing in the way of that is this well how much do you think it is a death struggle between morsi and the supremes judges and how much do you think perhaps they have choreographed a super piece of political theater this is part of the see if we come to a conclusion and do a national constitution that would kill everything national conciliation. it's our responsibility as a society but it is the responsibility of the president the government and that is
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. this is the point it is their disposability to bring conciliation into the table to start working to deal with the ills of the society because there is a battle about constitutional order a difference of views about the constitution but this should not cause tade or stop the government from moving on dealing with the problems that we as people feel that they have to be addressed and as immediately as we get the result asli a wider arab spring still far from over so what is really going on with this arab spring jean really think it's a genuine welling up of popular feeling or do you think there are people pulling strings here for their own now international know that evolution's the change that's taking place is really genuine. it had to come.
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to continue would be your genes as late. as they were. because they impulse and many of us including myself. expect that to happen business as usual supporting governments for just there with stability without redevelopment without a democracy without. understanding the essence of the change that has taken this is a historical movement so working against history will not succeed it will turn against those who want the status quo to continue be as if nothing happened or coquet who is the today who is governing today mr next to support him no we have to play a different game but change has to be respected and had it become a development it's on par with the other really big story in the middle east the moment the tragedy unfolding in syria do you think that the international community
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has done enough to to to help syria some western countries are trying to help in this way or that way but there is no policy supported by all out of old countries in order to save the people of syria and those who. continue to be living in such conditions for a year or two or five or ten that wrong things will come to an end by the. me a pact that the people. have already voiced their. opposition to the government and they would continue to do so they paid a lot heavy price for that and therefore. those who believe that they can maintain the status quo are really mistaken and their mistake will affect the fate of so many people in syria and india
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who you implying by well i'm not addressing. any country or any policy. per se but generally basic to issues syria should come to an end to be and. for the syrians to start building their own democracy the big word on everyone's lips as regards egyptian foreign policy is cyanide what on earth is really going on there when of course and i needs to be secured as part of egypt and the sovereignty of egypt would be supported so why all this talk of a deal with the palestinians of us i was not the best trying to help put a scene is one thing to do to affect the sovereignty of egypt is another thing from all points of view humanitarian point of view economical to your political point of view that we have to do as we are i'm so happy for the resolution that you know but the but there's an assembly this should be part of the foreign policy of egypt also
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but the point of course if you took this to affect conciliation between. the one to mess with india but as you know i can fight and the west has to change its position on that and not to oppose this conservation we were talking about syria but a sign is also an issue that has to be. attended to and very quickly i'm going to ask you to just briefly crystal borges where do you see egypt's revolution going that evolution will continue it's not going to feel there is no return to the previous sort of gene but we should not also have this stand still kind of policy we have to move on and unless we move on. these things really go back. and if you're to be in trouble that is the essence of the message. as it. move on but
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a speck the moxie respect that let us move together the vision of dividing the country dividing the people dividing the public opinion is not in our interest so i hope that you would understand this point i don't know so thank you very much thank you thank you. the secret laboratory was able to build
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